Ageing and Environment


Ageing in the Time of Climate Change

The project develops the new field of climate gerontology and aims to describe older Czechs´ (65+) values, attitudes and behaviour relevant within the climate change and environmental crisis context. It also seeks to gain deeper understanding of motivations, attitudes and practices of “green” older people (those declaring explicitly pro-environmental values and being actively engaged in various forms of eco-activism and civic participation), and to explore and interpret perceived impacts of climate change to older people in urban and rural settings in significantly climatically changing areas including their coping strategies (if present) in relation to their residential biographies, place attachment and place outlook.

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Rural Ageing: Unanswered Questions of Environmental Gerontology

The project looks into dialectic relationship between ageing/old age and the space/environment. It engages the mixed methods approach (secondary analysis, representative survey, and qualitative in-depth interviews) to describe the heterogeneity characteristics of older rural inhabitants in the Czech Republic and to provide the international comparison. Furthermore it identifies the major challenges and advantages that older people face in various types of rural environments by identifying sources of social/environmental exclusion and features of ageing well, respectively. It looks into well being and quality of life in later age employing and reviewing concepts such as active ageing and age friendliness with respect to the specific rural context. The comparison with previously published results on ageing in the cities will be provided. The results will be published in a comprehensive volume and several academic articles.

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Ageing in the Environment: Regeneration, Gentrification and Social Exclusion

The project builds on principles of environmental gerontology and it aims to uncover new insights into the relationships between ageing and space/environment. We explore the impact that changes in the lived environment and space have on the perceived well being of the elderly, on the (perception of) risk of their social exclusion, and on the concept of successful ageing in general. We use the concept of gentrification as a prism for critically thinking about the mutual overlapping of various age groupsand their habitus in certain locality. We use a multiple research design: case studies on revitalised localities which we describe as life spaces of/for seniors; focus groups conducted with residents of these localities aged 65+; further we conduct in-depth interviews with seniors-residents and finally we carry out a representative survey of Czech urban population aged 65+ by which we further explore more general issues of the lived environment/space and experiences of ageing.

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1/2010 - 12/2012


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