Ageism and Discrimination


Innovative ways of definition, measurement of prevalence, and solution of elder abuse in the Czech Republic (including transfer of international best practice) (RESTABUS)

The project focuses on the creation of a methodology of the broad definition of senior abuse (EAN) and the pilot introduction of innovative principles of restorative justice into the solution of cases of senior abuse, neglect and mistreatment. The project includes a representative survey in the older population using internationally comparable tools to determine the prevalence of various forms of abuse and to find ways to prevent and address them in gender-appropriate ways. The results and the procedures are put into practice by methodological tools designed for relevant end-users involved WITH older populations. The project is implemented in accordance with the priorities of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) and the national strategic / action plans for older adults.

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Ageing, Age and Discrimination - New Context for the Czech Society

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The major aim of the project is to contribute to our understanding of age discrimination – ageism – which is together with racism and sexism considered the last and most serious form of bigotry. In societies with increasing numbers of older people ageism represents a significant barrier to social inclusion. The project is based on the empirical study of ageist attitudes in the population of the Czech Republic. It uses qualitative studies to explore the thus far neglected relationships among the society’s age-related norms, age discrimination and multiple risks, i.e. gender and social status in relation to age discrimination. In its socio-politically oriented part the project analyses and evaluates anti-discriminatory policies in Europe which are linked to the European Equal Treatment Directive. In its outcome the project will provide a complex picture of the problem of age discrimination in the Czech society while taking into account the larger framework of European structures.

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  • leden 2006 – prosinec 2008


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